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Name/Denomination/Nicknames: Luiya or LuLu. She has no last name.
Gender: Female
Birth Date: January 3
Religion/Spiritual Beliefs: Old Drell polytheistic beliefs, but she does not follow it strictly.
Species: Drell
Occupation: Ex-Slave, Legalized Escort, off time dancer.
Military Rank: N/A
Age:  19
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 116 pounds
Hair/Fringe/Helmet Color: N/A
Eye Color: Pastel Pink
Skin color: Light lavender - Wisteria

Physical Description OR Picture:

Behavior description:
Luiya is a very calm, intellectually smart, understanding person who can almost have a smooth conversation with a complete stranger, being perfectly level headed if they are decent to talk to. She remains on the optimistic side of life, but does so in her much down played version. For the most part Luiya wears many layers of clothing, unless in a private place, due to her low self esteem of her exotic Drell looks. Her life style is simple and plain, not require much luxury; she likes it so. She has never truly seen another female Drell so deep inside of her she is unsure if she is even pretty, unless told by someone. She can get along pretty well by herself, like an Earth House cat, but she personally thinks she is weak and needs another person for co-dependence or she could fall apart and screw everything up. Due to in her younger years of being a child she was a Batarian Slave, Luiya can be a submissive person to another with power and will try to kept her comment to herself unless asked. One of her things she likes to do on her down time is read novels by candle light; it's relaxing and makes her feel at peace. Luiya has a soft spot for the old human fairy tail idea of "Happily-Ever-After" and strives to find that goal in her life.

1) Is a very easy person to talk to and tries not to make people uncomfortable.
2) Is a good Dancer and can be agile when need be.
3) Has sympathy for people down on their luck and will talk to them to make them feel better.

1) Can be hesitant at times and goes to another for support.
2) She keeps her emotions on the inside well hidden unless on a personal subject, which can lead to an emotional and almost painful relapse into her Drell eidetic memory.
3) Cannot fight or use any weapon.

Luiya has no faces to match any parents she may have had before she was taken by Batarian slavers, and she doubts they are alive today if she ever had any. Her earliest memories are being in the service of a Batarin Captain, doing whatever labor and work that other bigger slaves were not capable of; going into ducks and tight places. Her life went on like that till she was 12, but one day a riot broke out in the slaves and a guard was killed in the process. She took a blade from his corpse and kept it hidden. No one ever suspected her of carrying such a weapon but she had played submissive her whole life and it played a great part in her cover. This cover gave her time to figure out she could be clever and sneaky; keeping herself calm and hopeful that help would come.

With age she grew up from a scrawny little child to a well defined girl, catching the eyes of her Batarian Captain. When he had her alone he tired to have his way with her, but it was then that she pulled out her hidden weapon and attacked him, and in the end killed him. With the other Batarian in a rage that there Superior was dead they were going to exact some revenge and do the same to Luiya. But before they could another riot broke out from the slaves and her fellow captives saved her. Many of the slaves on the vessel liked Luiya and helped her escape far away. Unfortunately just after her escape pod was ejected the ship blew, taking Batarian and slave comrades alike. She was all alone.

Her pod was picked up by pirates but they had no need for a skinny and weak Drell. So when they made it to Illium they tossed her off and into the gutter, not caring if she lived or died. The meeting with the pirate band was her first contact outside of her slave life, and the way they treated her still leaves her feeling broken inside, secretly fearing the universe and being alone. For the next weeks she lived as a homeless bum, begging for food in the less nice places of Illium and barley getting by.

As she laid in a street gutter a Older Asari came and saved her, seeing the potential beauty in the young girl. She took her Luiya in her arms and carried her back to her establishment "Illium's Garden", a legal classy brothel where men could come for gambling, watching dancers, drink, smoke, and companionship. The older Asari, known as the Mistress or Madam, nursed Luiya back to health and supplied her with the best she could give. Food. Shelter. Clothes. Schooling. But all of that was costing credits and she would have to pay it back by working at the brothel. She was not going to be used at a conmen whore, much too exotic for that. She would work as a private Escort, something pretty for powerful and rich men to have on their arms when going to certain parties or events. While adjusting to her new life Luiya became fascinated with old human script, mostly fairy tales with Knight and princess. She loved the way how a strong and noble man could come along and save a maiden in distress. For the years to come she works at Illium's Garden, praying and hoping her Knight would come a save her.

Interesting Facts:
- Loves to collect VERY old human story books, with paper pages and bound spines.
- Can dance very well, but it's not something she takes in great pride because most people have abused her talent and used it for Sex appeal.
-  The biggest secret she carries is that she has a stuffed animal, a little pyjack, she has had since she was a slave. The only item she has in remembrance of a family she never had.

Sample Post: Taken from an actual RP, but modified.
Luiya was getting off her shuttle that pulled into the station just minutes before hand, planning her board on another shuttle heading back to Illium. She was heading back after spending her off time on Omega. It was a decent vacation . . . for Omega anyways. She went there to visit an old friend, a retired entertainer, but the need to have her own bed back was killing her. She sat down and looked at her omnitool, reading the time. 23 minutes and the passenger liner would be there for its course back to Illium. She sat down in one of the few places to sit, pulled back her hood and reviled herself to the almost zero crowds. She liked it that way, few people. Other beings tended not to see Female Drell and she did not want to draw a crowd to herself. Her eyes did lay eyes on the other travelers for a second, but then went to her bag and she pulled out an old time bound book. It was an old human fairy tale about a small girl and a fairy prince. Thumbelina. With a small smile she opened her book and began to read . . . her eyes from time to time looking at the other members of the station in brief curiosity.
My new MERP Luiya's Application.
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Carni99 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
So sweet and innocent. When u said she reads Thumbelina, I nearly screamed! Luv it! Luv! <3
GrievousGirl Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL thank you ^u^ :heart:
darkrider312 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Bio looks good and relevant to personality, and a fresh look in comparison to many of the more combat oriented people here. Cool stuff, accepted.
GrievousGirl Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^w^
DireW0lf64 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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